Solar Powered Education

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Bring life-saving education to remote communities

Through solar powered audio players we can bring vital education to remote communities in Africa, empowering them with knowledge on preventing waterborne diseases (cholera, typhoid, polio), and sexual transmitted diseases (HIV/AIDS). Help us transform lives and create healthier, thriving communities through this groundbreaking program.

In order for us to get this game changing project going we need funding. The audio player can be distributed all over Africa to communities and churches that will facilitate the classes.

We can get the message out incredibly fast with no need to wait for available teachers. The distribution is done through already existing networks that we are working together with.

The audio player is solar powered and does not require electric power to run. It just needs the sun which Africa has a lot of! 

Help us launch this project


Local teachers are recorded teaching the various subjects.


The recordings are being edited into finalized audio files.


The audio files are loaded unto the audio players. This is a repeat process to accommodate the growing need.


The audio players are shipped to the network and distributed to communities throughout Africa in an ongoing process as the network grows.