This is who we are.

About Maria and Filip


So happy you're here! Let us tell you a little about us and Equipped For Life. We used to live in Denmark. Born and raised "as true vikings" as some would say. 

That all changed in 2022 when we visited Jeffreys Bay in South Africa and felt there was more to it than just a visit. In the months after returning home to Denmark this was confirmed over and over again so in 2023 we sold all we had and moved to Jeffreys Bay, where we now live.

We have a background in leadership, teaching, the unemployment field and church. Filip as a pastor for 18 years, combined with working for an unemployment fund teaching various subjects as leadership principles to employers and company leaders and ways to secure a job to unemployed people. Maria has been a store manager for 15 years focusing on teambuilding, employee and leadership development. She has also been in charge of training managers to take over other stores.

In church we've been doing everything at one point or another. From children's ministry, teens and youth to leading the church, with music and worship being the key factor all through our lives.

We got married in 1999 and Caleb was born in 2010. So there you have it. A little of our background. Now, let's move on to Equipped For Life.

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About Equipped For Life

Equipped For Life is about equipping and empowering people and helping them to a better life. We believe all people have immense value and are created with a purpose. We want to help them live out their purpose, stir up hope and help them live the life they have been created to live.

We are teaming up with proven programs and organizations to help strengthen and further develop the good they are doing as well as starting up programs that can fill the gap, get more people involved and help more people succeed.

We have been sent out through the organization Acts Mission in Denmark with our local contact being Openchurch Copenhagen. This ensures a great level of security in terms of moral, ethical and financial accountability.

We are being funded primarily by donations from churches and individuals. We are also looking into fundraising (if you have experience in this field we could really use your help being a fundraiser for us!) and at the same time we are taking in different kinds of paid work to support what we do here.

To support the work you can actually hire Filip to do various projects:

  • Produce audio books
  • Build websites
  • Translate content from english to Danish
  • Format content and manuscript to use for ebooks and printed books

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